Universität, Schließsysteme für Universität

Lock your university lockers with existing Student Ids

Smart electronic locking systems eliminate the many challenges associated with locker management – lost keys, blocked lockers, resetting combinations, theft, and no control.

Lockers are easy and intuitive to use: By simply presenting their Student Id to the lock’s reader field, students can securely operate lockers. Waiting in-line at kiosks or central terminals is not required!

Universities can simplify locker management and reduce time and money spent on administration and maintenance. With GANTNER’s locker management software, administrators have the option to easily change configurations, assign lockers, view detailed usage data, see in real-time which lockers are in use, and schedule synchronization and notification tasks.

To streamline operations, the locking system can be integrated with any campus card system. Universities can provide locker rentals via their on-line Student portal, increase security with a networked alarm, and simplify database management with one single source of truth.

GANTNER will provide a tailor-made solution to meet your specific requirements.  Numerous satisfied clients around the globe are our proof.


  • Use your existing contactless student ID cards
  • Seamless integration with your campus card system
  • Provide convenience and security with alarmed lockers
  • Make locker management efficient and transparent

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