Skidepot, Schrank für Skidepot

Efficient Locking for Ski Depots

Where to securely store ski equipment at the end of the ski day? With GANTNER’s NFC electronic locking system, your guests can relax in knowing their ski equipment is safely locked away.

A GANTNER locking system enables the 24/7 availability of the lockers entirely without staff, thereby reducing operation costs and giving your employees more time to focus on customer service. Integration of the GANTNER locking system with your POS software makes renting skis quick and easy.

The system is supremely convenient to use – By simply presenting their ski pass or hotel room card to the lock’s reader, the skier can use a locker. No additional keys required. Each lock can be programmed for individual or family lockers (multiple ski passes open one locker).

Technology is all about making the day more fun and convenient for guests, and with a NFC platform the possibilities are endless. Ski resorts choosing to use a networked electronic locking system benefit from eliminated challenges of key handling and lost keys, increased security and monitoring, reduced maintenance costs, and a greater ability to focus on customer service.


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