Kassensysteme, Eintrittssysteme, Zutrittssysteme, Abrechnungssysteme

More for your pool and spa. The most powerful NFC system solution.

Since its founding 30 years ago in the Austrian winter sports town of Schruns, GANTNER has established itself as a leading developer of NFC technology specially designed for the leisure industry. With GANTNER, facilities can invigorate their bottom line with the only complete NFC solution: access control, check out, locker technology, cashless payments and more. Watch secondary revenues grow and operating costs decrease as visitors use one NFC wristband or card to check-out, use lockers, and make cashless payments. No more cash, cards, or keys to carry. GANTNER combined with 3rd party management software creates a fully integrated system solution to improve visitor experience and differentiate your facility.

  • Improve security with a robust access control solution.
  • Streamline operations with automated check out.
  • Benefit from superior locker room management.
  • Boost income with cashless payment.


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