Elektronische Schrankschließsysteme, Elektronische Schrankschlösser

Smart Logistic Solutions

With GANTNER’s NFC electronic locking system, every logistical challenge for postal applications, storage, and pick-up/drop-off stations is resolved.

For logistic solutions using a GANTNER Smart Lock System, the locker or box is automatically locked by pushing the door shut, and does not require the presentation of a credential at the door (card, wristband, or key tag). To open a locker, a user is identified at a central terminal by presenting their credential, and the door is automatically opened via electronic signal to the lock.

A GANTNER locking system enables the 24/7 availability of lockers and boxes entirely without staff. Use the latest technology from GANTNER and consult with us to develop a self-service, cost-efficient application that meets your specific needs.