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Smart Employee Locker Systems

In today’s modern office, storage plays a bigger role than ever. Employees need easy-to-use lockers, while operators require an easy-to-manage solution.

Valued across the globe by large and small office clients, GANTNER’s electronic locking systems use pre-existing staff-id cards as locker keys and are the market’s most powerful solution to comprehensively and securely manage any storage system - staff lockers, mail boxes, office furniture, bike storage, safe boxes, and more.

Our offerings, include both battery-operated and networked locking systems, and dramatically reduce the time and money needed to manage locker resources. With robust and comprehensive tools, operators can easily assign lockers, view detailed usage data, and see in real-time which lockers are in use. For a streamlined solution, offices can integrate with access control and HR and simplify their database management with one single source of truth. Secure important belongings with the ultimate in electronic locking technology.

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