Access Control and Check In

From 24 hour doors to more complex access control solutions with biometric verification, GANTNER Technologies NFC Access Control products guarantee you the security you need.

Our systems have integration with the world’s largest software companies and are designed to integrate with a wide range of third-party turnstiles.

Key benefits include:

  • Knowledge and control of who is in your facility when and where at all times
  • Speedy and efficient access control, resulting in reduced queues
  • One single, seamlessly functioning access control solution across your entire site
  • Reduced staff demands, due to automation
  • Convenience, one NFC credential (card, wristband, or tag) functions as a credential for everything
  • More accurate customer profiling for more effective marketing
  • A NFC platform for additional applications (cashless payment, electronic lockers, networked fitness, and more)


We will consult you about the latest technology and how best to develop your system so it meets your specific needs.

Access and Check In Terminals

GAT Access 6100

GAT TimeAxx 6150

GAT Reader 750

GAT Access 6500

GAT Access 6350

Access Control Terminal GANTNER


Ticketing Terminal

GAT Access 6600

NFC & Biometric Verification Terminals

When the optional biometric fingerprint sensor is added to the GAT Access 6100 you now have full verification that the person carrying the credential is indeed the person it was issued to. With GANTNER's biometric data on credential option, verification occurs within a second and identification swapping is eliminated.

GAT Access 6100
with Fingerprint

GAT Enrollment Station

Desktop Readers

GAT Writer is a multipurpose desktop station with read/write function. Available with USB or TCPIP.

GAT Writer 6xxx

GAT NET.Writer 7000

Wristband Issuer and Return Machines

Reduce staff demands by automating the issuance and return of NFC wristbands.

GAT Return 6350

GAT Vendor 7000